M.E. 2  the "Mixed Emotions" self portrait

Studio 337


"When people see my work, I hope they enjoy or are moved by the subject matter. But just as important is that they begin to discover how surprisingly intricate and beautiful yet sturdy, sculpture made from recycled materials can be. I create cast paper sculpture entirely from post consumer pulp, which is pressed into molds from my original designs.  It is my small way helping the earth stay green. Who knows, if more of us thought about ways to turn trash into treasure,it might not be such a bad thing. Mother Nature would certainly approve."


- Virginia Abbott 


 Virginia Abbott is a nationally recognized sculptor whose current work addresses variety of environmental issues. She is a member of the prestigious National Sculpture Society








Native Blue Heron Sculptures

Bethlehem PA   Greenway  

between Taylor and Webster

between 3rd and 4th Street





Eco Art Commission