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Clay Portraiture

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Make your own Cherished Memory                              

 Found Object Sculpture. This is a great opportunity to use those collectibles  that you can't part with but you don't know what to do with. Create a personal art collage.Bring your trinkets to class.  Make art from your special bits and bobs. like unwanted keys,  broken pencils, extra watch band sections, buttons,  baby's shoe,  a lonely toy soldier, perhaps a small rubber dinosaur. Finished Art in a day ! This is a great class for parent/child, youth groups, and everyone.   Special bronzing paint,  & extra trinkets are included in the class fee. Bring your own frame or buy one from the instructor.   


Instructor Virginia Abbott       Banana Factory   Studio 337



Cherished Memory Art:




  •  Portrait Masks with Virginia Abbott
  • Work from photographs and use clay to build a face mask. This is an easy way to learn the basics of sculpture and facial anatomy while focusing on bone structure and muscle shapes. A simple plaster mold is made followed by a portrait mask that can be cast in a variety of materials such as recycled paper. 
  • Disclaimer - this is not a plaster casting of your face. All experience levels welcome.   
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Pointalism Class - Color Theory